Webinar on the topic of “Critical Infrastructure: Internet”

Recently, due to COVID-19 pandemic, many people started working remotely. Kids are attending their classes online. In general, many people started using various messaging solutions to keep in touch with family and friends. All of that is possible because of the Internet. People began realizing what people in network engineering circles knew all along – the Internet represents critical infrastructure. However, if you are to ask people around on how does it work, you are going to get quite interesting answers, indicating that quite a lot of people doesn't know how it works. To bridge that gap, I've decided to give an online class/webinar on the topic of “Critical Infrastructure: Internet” to Software Engineering students at the University of Zenica and students of Department of Telecommunications at Faculty of Electrical Engineering of University of Sarajevo. As part of the webinar, I've spoken on how it all ties together, and we covered topics such as different peering types, session establishment process and traffic engineering strategies. Given the fact that the Internet is distributed infrastructure which is inherently insecure, it was essential to cover topics such as risks and attacks and how to prevent those. We spoke about different events for which we demonstrated some visualizations. In the end, we talked about different ways to monitor events on the Internet, including several demonstrations on how to do so.

The recording is available on the following link (webinar is in the Bosnian language):